In Principo E.P. – Lyerr


There really is something very special about a British band that clearly identifies as such and does not rely on fake American rock phrasing. Lyerr just like many of their forebears from Weller through Orange Juice and Oasis and on to the Arctic Monkeys are such a band. They have a winning way with not just jangly post-punk guitars but also some tight fuzzy riffs. Their new E.P. ‘In Principo’ is full of indie ear-worms reminiscent of the Stone Roses among others.


“The Doctors Orders”, the E.P’s opener is a tour de force of daily life and kitchen sink drama that not many bands have the balls to attempt, let alone pull it off the way that Ryan, Samuel, Rory and James mange to. The rockiest track of the four is the pounding “Belladonna” a tune which should grace many a festival stage in the next few years if there is any justice in the music business. The lyrics to “On The Run” describe the lion inside that is trying to get out. Well Lyerr’s lion has already escaped its cage and is ready to roar its way to lead the pride. The E.P. ends with “Will You Be Alright” and this band will definitely be more than alright.


This Manchester based band have produced a magnificent debut E.P. that makes me think their future releases can get even better. These songs are built for a live environment and I can hardly wait to hear them played in the flesh.


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